December 10

Instant Giveaway ~ Henrietta: Book #1 in the House of Donato Series by Patricia M Jackson & FREE Book ~ Entangled Summer by Michele Barrow-Belisle, PLUS Bonus Giveaway!

FREE Book ~ Entangled Summer by Michele Barrow-Belisle

She's done everything to forget.
He'll do anything to help her remember.

They say our dreams mask secrets.
Secret desires.
Secret fears.
Secret truths.

20 year old Nora Dultry’s dreams hide even more. They're a gateway to the man of her dreams, and an escape from her painful past. She’s fantasized about him for years, and when he mysteriously walks into her summer teaching gig, she never dreamed she'd question whether he was the one she truly wanted.

But her former fling Troy Bellisaro doesn't just own Wanderlust Academy...he’s her boss, he still has her heart strings tied in knots—and he’s hiding secrets of his own.

One of them will be her dream come true. One, her waking nightmare.

Untangling the truth could make this dream, her last.

"Humans are the only creatures on earth, whose emotions are irrevocably entangled with thier memories."

BONUS Giveaway ~ Come Home to Sweetgrass Boxed Set: Books 1-3 Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs plus bonus Christmas novella (Texas Heroes) by Jean Brashear

A Special Place for Hearts that Need Healing

The first three stories of New York Times and USAToday bestselling Texas romance author Jean Brashear’s much-loved Sweetgrass Springs contemporary western romance series, now combined in a boxed set—PLUS a bonus Christmas story!

“Jean Brashear writes with warmth and emotional truth. The depth of her understanding of human nature marks her as a writer to watch." ~Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

5 Copies Available to Win!

Instant Giveaway ~ Henrietta: Book #1 in the House of Donato Series by Patricia M Jackson

Love. Fear. Mystery.

Tom and Etta have a problem. They’ve kissed passionately but don’t remember it. They are both starting life over, she as a writer in grad school and he, as a former hockey player, after a career-ending injury. But is anyone ever really free of their past?

Tom and Etta create a bond from friendship then move beyond. But is it possible to start anew with baggage from the past and no clear vision of the future? Or will what went before always come looking for you when you least expect it? Words from another Henrietta, who re-built her life from tragedy, bring the answers that allow Etta to move forward. But is it already too late?

If you like an engaging, meticulously written romance steamy enough to raise any reader's heart rate, then download this beautiful romantic gem today.

Henrietta is stand-alone coming-of-age romance, which is the first in a three-book series, set in Marquette, Michigan, and northern Iowa.

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