December 11

Instant Giveaway ~ Christmas Kiss, New Year's Wish by Joanne Dannon & Godiva Chocolatier Wrapped Chocolate Dessert Truffles, Creme Brulee, Sponsored by Cailin Briste

Instant Giveaway ~ Christmas Kiss, New Year's Wish by Joanne Dannon


“Bad enough to be caught kissing your best friend, but to be caught by your sister who would have no compunction about keeping it a secret was truly unfair.”

Taylor Williamson may have a massive crush on her best friend, Luca Bianchi, but their twenty-year friendship is too important to lose over one kiss, make that two kisses, on Christmas.

Luca only sees her as a friend, and he’s about to return overseas for a two-year contract, so no more kissing. Right?

Taylor may wish for their Christmas kiss to lead to more. But how can she hold on to him when he was never hers to begin with?

All Copies Have Been Won

Chocolate Giveaway ~ Godiva Chocolatier Wrapped Milk Chocolate Caramels, Gift Pack, Sponsored by Cailin Briste

GODIVA Individually Wrapped Milk Chocolate Caramels are filled with a smooth caramel and individually wrapped in smaller sizes so you can enjoy eating them anytime, anywhere
Perfect for many different occasions - hostess and teacher gifts, birthday celebrations, saying thank you, or just because.

GODIVA's Shipping System Monitors the Temperatures Where Your Package is Being Delivered in order to Ensure Your Package Arrives in Perfect Condition, No Matter the Weather

Approx. 20 pcs. (7.3 oz.)

Please note: The original prize (Creme Brulee Dessert Truffles) is no longer eligible for an Amazon giveaway, so a more expensive item from the same line of Godiva truffles is being substituted.