December 8

Instant Giveaway ~ The Christmas Spell (Breens Mist Witches) by Aileen Harkwood &
FREE Book ~ Romantic Takeover by Rose Chapman

Instant Giveaway ~ The Christmas Spell (Breens Mist Witches) by Aileen Harkwood

Sometimes forgiveness is the most powerful gift of all...

Breens Mist witch, Chloe Ballard, has a Christmas Eve tradition. Leave her little cottage in the woods and head into town to find a man to keep her warm that night, the loneliness at bay. What she doesn't expect when she encounters Thaddeus Cole, standing in the display window of a storefront from the Victorian Era, is to confront a past that ripped her life apart 130 years before on the Oregon frontier.

Part-contemporary, part-historical, The Christmas Spell weaves a story of seduction, danger, and magical healing from a grief too long put aside.

All Copies Have Been Won

FREE Book ~ Romantic Takeover by Rose Chapman 


“Yes, I should hire someone …

Like my personal assistant.”When she suggested the idea, Kate never thought she would actually be the one ending up having to play the fake fiancé to her boss. But here she was, flying back to Greece on the arms of her hot steamy Greek boss, Nikos Callis.

Between juggling her new role as Nick’s fiancé and fighting to keep her true feelings under wrapped, would her boss actually end up viewing her as more than his efficient PA?


  1. I believe there is an issue with the link for the giveaway contest. Just takes me to a blank page.

    Thank you for the free book!

  2. Yes, there is something wrong with the link for the giveaway. It takes you to a blank page, and then tells me that I need to use an app to open ttp/

  3. just put the h in front of http. It is missing the h

  4. Fixed! My apologies! It was working for me earlier, when I posted at midnight, so I didn't notice the missing h.

    1. Aileen, can you put up the link for the Secret Santa Giveaway it was supposed to start on 12/6 but there is no link on the page to go to that giveaway.

  5. It is working now. Thanks so much for the chance.

  6. Giveaway ended. Thank you for the chance and the free book

  7. Yes, the giveaway ended just like Suzanne Pierson, noted several hours before me! Myself and several million other Southern people got an early Christmas snow and I had about 4 hours of my day without electricity today, no tv, internet anything so I just read and napped. It was a reading napping kind of day, it was way in the evening when "life" restarted all around and even the dogs in the area started their usual barking antics. So, as I said no giveaway for some but I do Thank you for the Free Book, like my no electric day one never knows when a downloaded book, on a charged up device is going to be very handy! So as a reminder keep all your stuff currently charged because you never know when you will need them!